No zones or tariffs around the clock

Now, no matter what time of day or night you order iTaxi with guaranteed price already at the time of ordering a ride you will know exactly how much you will pay for a ride on the chosen route.

Travel safely and comfortably with iTaxi.

iTaxi rides with guaranteed price

Guaranteed price is a service that can be used by both individual and business customers.

It allows iTaxi rides with a price already known at the time of ordering a ride.

It allows you to control the cost of your rides. When getting into a cab now you already know how much you will pay!

iTaxi's guaranteed price is

The service is aimed at all iTaxi customers.
It works with both mobile payment set up in the iTaxi app and cash payment with the driver.
It is valid throughout the country.
It is available when the start and end addresses are completed and both are in the service delivery zone.

Ordering process with guaranteed price

Download the iTaxi app (iOS / Android / Huawei).
Log in to the application
Enter the destination address
On the next screen, the price will appear next to the guaranteed price tile. Then click order and you're done.

Limitations on the operation of the guaranteed price.

The service cannot be ordered for:

orders without a destination address,
orders with stops / stops along the designated route,
orders with selected filters (e.g., purchases, starter cables).

Guaranteed price area

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What is a guaranteed price?

Guaranteed price is a service available within the iTaxi app after entering the destination address.

Why the guaranteed price?

Guaranteed price allows you to travel in iTaxi cabs without zones or fares 24 hours a day! In addition, when getting into a cab you know exactly how much you will pay.

Can I change my itinerary during the course with a guaranteed price?

When driving with a guaranteed price, you choose a starting point and a destination point. On this basis, we check and determine the most optimal route to get there, and the fare is calculated based on this data. Therefore, it is not possible to change the route during the course if you want to use this service. You can always cancel the ride with a guaranteed price and then you will take the further route based on the indications of the taximeter.

Can I get off early?

Yes, all you have to do is inform the driver. Keep in mind, however, that you will pay the full, pre-designated amount for this ride. By opting for a ride with a guaranteed price, you have decided to ride on a specific route, for which you will be charged.

What if I get stuck in traffic, will the charge be higher than the initial one?

No, it will not be higher. You will pay exactly the same amount that you saw when you ordered the course.