MPT - one of the oldest corporations

in Warsaw, has joined iTaxi!

MPT Taxi in Warsaw

You can spot our taxis branded in the colors of the combined MPT iTaxi fleet on the streets of Warsaw

The merger of MPT and iTaxi has created the largest fleet of licensed taxi drivers in Warsaw. We offer businesses and individual customers a wide range of functional options related to taxi rides.
We do this with passion and professionalism, utilizing the latest technological solutions and organizational strategies to maintain the highest quality of service. Professionalism combined with experience is the key to the loyalty of many thousands of our customers. If you or your company are not yet our customers, perhaps it's time to see why it's worth it!
We are at your service 24/7. We collaborate exclusively with licensed taxi drivers. Each taxi is equipped with a terminal for electronic payment transactions, including contactless bank cards.
We offer professional service and assistance in organizing regular and occasional rides for your clients and employees (airport pickups, train stations, hotels...), event support for parties, conferences, and all types of corporate events. We can also arrange school pickups for your child, deliver groceries, help jump-start your car, and take you to the airport or train station.

*The fare price is the amount shown on the taxi meter for the completed ride. It includes the initial fee, distance traveled, and time spent in traffic or at lights (time when the vehicle is not moving).
**Please note that service prices may change in certain cases, such as when a driver performs an exceptionally long trip or crosses city limits (III tariff).

A fee for placing and canceling an order may be charged as follows:
10 PLN for placing and canceling an order by the Passenger’s fault after 2 minutes from accepting the order and starting the approach by the Driver to the initial address,
15 PLN for placing and canceling an order by the Passenger’s fault after the Driver has arrived at the initial address and reported waiting for the passenger (via phone, SMS, or notification in the iTaxi application) or by the Driver after reporting waiting for the passenger and unsuccessful waiting for more than 10 minutes from arrival at the initial address or from the scheduled time of the order.

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