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Discover the iTaxi offer! Simplicity, convenience and modernity. Order a taxi from the phone app and enjoy a safe and comfortable ride. We only employ experienced drivers and guarantee fairness of fares.

We are the only ones with nationwide coverage. You can find iTaxi taxis not only in Bedzin, but in the whole of Poland. Check the current list of cities here.
The quality of service is the most important thing for us. With us you can transport your pets or large luggage, our drivers will help you to drop off your car or do your shopping. Find out more about our services here.
You can feel safe. A real driver is one who is authorised and knows the city like the back of his hand. At iTaxi, we employ just that! Order your taxi and see for yourself.
We guarantee honesty. You will not overpay with us and if in doubt, you can check the route or call us at any time. You can find the iTaxi Integrity Guarantee here.

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Taxi Bedzin

First time in Bedzin and looking for a trusted taxi? We recommend iTaxi. With us you will find thousands of comfortable cars for every occasion, we employ only licensed drivers. With us you will get anywhere smoothly and on time, because our drivers drive fast and at the same time safely and know the topography of the city like the back of their hand. Book your taxi with iTaxi by calling 737 737 737 or using the free iTaxi app.

Taxi for every budget

Have you arrived in Bedzin and are completely unfamiliar with the city? Would you like to order a taxi but are afraid it is not affordable? That’s where iTaxi comes in handy. You will find a car for every budget, we only employ licensed drivers and every passenger is guaranteed to be honest, so if you have any doubts about the value of the fare you can contact us and we will surely help you! Check out our iTaxi app or give us a call at 737 737 737 and you’ll have the hassle of getting a taxi in a foreign city out of the way.

Series of taxi services in Bedzin

We care about your safety and comfort. We also don’t forget to care about the quality of the service we provide at iTaxi. With us you will find pet-friendly cars, our drivers will make your purchases instead of you and deliver them straight to your home; they can even escort your car if needed. You can count on us at any time and in any life situation. Remember, we are nationwide, one phone number 737 737 737, one app, you and thousands of taxis only at iTaxi.

Record a comfortable taxi in Bedzin

Urgently need a good taxi in Bedzin? We recommend iTaxi! The castle in Bedzin, the Holy Trinity Church, the fortified royal castle or the townhouses in the city centre on Małachowskiego Street – with us you will certainly have time to see them all. You can order your iTaxi taxi around the clock by calling 737 737 737 or using the iTaxi app. And remember, we are all over Poland!

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