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Ordering a taxi in Katowice is easier and more convenient with the iTaxi app, which connects you with many drivers from your area and all over Poland – you ride without additional fees, paying only the taxi's fare. How does it work?
When you need a taxi in Katowice, just open the app, click "Order," and a driver will be on their way to you shortly. You don't even need to know your exact location, as the address will be automatically recognized through GPS (though you can change it to any other address). On the app screen, you can see where the taxi is and when it will arrive, and when it's time to go out, you'll get a notification on your phone.
By ordering an iTaxi ride, you can be assured of high service quality and honesty. We only work with licensed, professional drivers who drive comfortable and safe cars.
The ride and its details are recorded in our system, so if you have any questions, you can get detailed information about it from our customer service office.

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Taxi Katowice

Do you need a taxi in Katowice? Take advantage of iTaxi’s offer and order one of our taxis online, through the free mobile app, or by calling 737 737 737. Whether you’re a tourist or a resident of Katowice, iTaxi is always at your service. Want to visit the Silesian Museum or take a walk in Silesian Park? Or maybe you’re planning a shopping trip to Galeria Katowicka or Silesia City Center? Order iTaxi and get there safely and quickly.

The Best Taxis in Katowice

iTaxi offers the best taxis in Katowice, taking you wherever you need to go. Traveling with iTaxi comes with an Honesty Guarantee, ensuring your ride will be hassle-free. Another reason to choose our company is that we are the largest taxi network in Poland! Our fleet consists of over 10,000 modern and well-maintained cars, and our licensed drivers transport passengers all over Poland. Our regional branches include iTaxi Warsaw, iTaxi Wrocław, iTaxi Kraków, iTaxi Olsztyn, and many other cities. Our customers trust us nationwide, so try iTaxi in Katowice too!

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There are thousands of reasons to use a taxi. Whatever yours may be, we invite you to use iTaxi. We are confident that you will appreciate our offer. iTaxi Katowice provides the highest quality travel in modern and regularly serviced cars. Our licensed drivers know every corner of Katowice, ensuring your journey will be smooth and complication-free. Try us out!

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