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Choose the best taxi company in town. With our app, you can easily order a taxi ride. iTaxi drivers are experienced, licensed professionals who will safely take you to your chosen destination.

You can feel safe; download iTaxi and see for yourself that our taxis are driven only by experienced and licensed drivers.
We guarantee honesty; our drivers will always choose the most efficient route for you. Learn more about our honesty guarantee here.

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Taxis in Kielce

Looking for a reliable taxi in Kielce? Check out iTaxi! We are the largest taxi network in Poland, ensuring that your ride will go smoothly without any issues. In Kielce, you can order our taxis online, through the mobile app, or by calling 737 737 737. Our fleet consists of over 10,000 taxis across Poland. You can find us in Warsaw, Wrocław, Katowice, and many other cities. Trust our experience and try us out! When you travel with us, you benefit from our Honesty Guarantee.

Taxis for Every Occasion

iTaxi is at your service at any time. Whether you need to get to Targi Kielce or plan to visit the Palace of the Kraków Bishops, iTaxi will take you there safely and quickly. Try us and see that iTaxi offers the best taxis in Kielce. If you decide to download the app, you’ll also have the option to choose your car and driver based on the available reviews in the app. Check out the additional services we have prepared for our customers.

Taxi Kielce

Is it your first time in Kielce? No problem, choose iTaxi! Our drivers know the city very well and will take you wherever you need to go. Order through the app (download it here) or call 737 737 737, and you’ll be on your way in no time. With the iTaxi app, the best taxis in Kielce are just a tap away!

All of Kielce at Your Fingertips

With iTaxi, you can reach any place in Kielce quickly and conveniently. Whether you’re heading to see the Kadzielnia Caves, planning shopping at the city market, or want to relax in Staszica Park, try us out!

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