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Download our app today and enjoy the convenience of ordering a taxi in your city. With iTaxi, you can ensure a pleasant, safe, and comfortable journey.

We are the only ones with nationwide coverage. We are continuously expanding, conquering new cities so you can travel with us all over Poland. We are in over 150 cities; check them out here and enjoy your journey with iTaxi.
We guarantee honesty. Because we employ only licensed drivers, we can ensure your safety and no hidden fees. With us, you can be sure that you will reach your destination comfortably and without any issues.
You can feel safe. Our taxis are all over the city, and we employ only licensed drivers who are true experts in city navigation.

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Taxis in Lubin

Need a taxi? With iTaxi, you’ll find many available taxis for any occasion, at any time! Just remember the phone number 737 737 737 or download the free iTaxi app, and you’ll never have trouble ordering a taxi again. And remember, our taxis operate all over Poland, including Warsaw, Poznań, Lublin, and Lubin.

Your Taxi in Lubin

Are you in an unfamiliar city and looking for a trustworthy taxi company? No need to check every company until you find a good one – just order a taxi with iTaxi. Our cars are comfortable, and our drivers are verified and licensed. You can rely on us in any situation and at any time! Remember the number 737 737 737 or download the iTaxi app to your phone and enjoy the convenience of traveling with iTaxi.

iTaxi App

Before hailing a taxi on the street, check the taxis in the iTaxi app first. The map shows all available cars at the moment; simply choose one or press “Order the nearest,” and the car is on its way! You don’t even need to provide an address – the app will automatically locate you on the map and relay this information to the driver. What could be simpler? Remember, our taxis are also available by phone at 737 737 737 – save this number and order your car today.

All of Lubin at Your Fingertips

An urgent meeting in Lubin’s city center? Or large shopping at Cuprum Arena? Order a taxi with iTaxi and get everywhere easily and on time! We have thousands of comfortable cars roaming the city – you won’t have to wait long! We employ only licensed drivers who know the city’s layout like the back of their hand and do not cheat passengers. Remember the number 737 737 737 or download the free app, and be assured that your journey with us will be quick, comfortable, and safe.

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