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By downloading our app, you gain access to a simple and easy way to order a taxi. Discover how comfortable and safe it is to travel with iTaxi!

We guarantee honesty. iTaxi provides not only a safe ride but also the assurance of an optimal route and a fair approach from our drivers; learn more about iTaxi's honesty guarantee here.
You can feel safe. iTaxi is all about the safety of your ride. We employ only licensed drivers who know the city well and can get you to your destination quickly and safely.

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One Number, One App, You and Your Taxis with iTaxi

iTaxi is the largest platform for ordering taxis across Poland. You can find our taxis in Oświęcim and over 150 other cities. We offer a wide range of services to our passengers, allowing you to order a taxi for any occasion. We recommend using the iTaxi app, where you can find thousands of comfortable and available cars in Oświęcim and across Poland. You can also order iTaxi traditionally by calling 737 737 737 or online. You and your taxis in Oświęcim and throughout Poland.

Taxis in Oświęcim

You can find iTaxi in over 150 cities across Poland, including Oświęcim. Open the iTaxi app and order the nearest taxi now with just one click. Are you exploring Oświęcim and need a car to get back to Krakow? Or maybe you’re a resident and urgently need to transport a pet? In these situations, we recommend iTaxi. You can order a car with iTaxi not only through the free app but also by calling 737 737 737 or online. iTaxi taxis are circulating all over Oświęcim, and you’ll find one in every neighborhood.

iTaxi’s Honesty Guarantee

The Honesty Guarantee is one of the foundations of iTaxi’s operations. Each of our drivers adheres to the principle of honesty towards the passenger, so you can be sure that the driver won’t cheat you or add hidden charges to your fare. By using the iTaxi app, you can always check your route, and if you have any doubts, contact us directly.

iTaxi Taxis, Anytime, for Any Occasion

With iTaxi, you’ll find a car that meets all your expectations. Need to transport a pet or large luggage? Call 737 737 737 or choose the right car in the iTaxi app, and your taxi problem is solved! Check the list of services we provide at iTaxi, and remember that with us, you can travel all over Poland.

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