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iTaxi Sosnowiec

As the only company with nationwide coverage, iTaxi taxis are available in over 150 cities across Poland. Just remember the phone number 737 737 737 or download the app, and you'll never have to worry about getting a taxi again.
We provide a guarantee of honesty. Every iTaxi passenger is assured that the driver will not cheat them or charge additional fees after the ride. Learn more about our honesty guarantee here.
You can feel safe. Beyond the honesty of our drivers, we also prioritize the safety of your journey. Therefore, at iTaxi, we employ only licensed drivers who know the city’s layout and can safely take you to your destination.

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Taxi Sosnowiec

Do you live in Sosnowiec and need a reliable taxi? Or maybe you are traveling and looking for an honest driver who will get you to your destination quickly and without hassle? In that case, iTaxi is the perfect solution for you. Thousands of taxis in Warsaw, Krakow, and many other cities in Poland. Just download the free iTaxi app or call 737 737 737, and you’ll never have to worry about ordering a taxi again!

Taxi in Sosnowiec

Śródmieście, Stary Sosnowiec, or Maczki – iTaxi taxis are all over the city. Whether through the app or by phone, our taxis will get you everywhere quickly and safely. One phone number, 737 737 737, one app,, you and your taxis in Sosnowiec and all over Poland.

iTaxi Taxis for Every Occasion

With our taxis, you can handle many tasks: transport a pet, have your car driven, deliver documents, and more. At iTaxi, we employ only licensed drivers whom you can rely on at any time and in any situation. And remember, our taxis are at your service around the clock, and it’s up to you how you want to order yours!

Safe Taxis and Comfortable Rides

iTaxi gives you a guarantee of safety and honesty. This applies in every city where our taxis operate. You don’t have to worry about being cheated with unclear charges. With us, you can feel safe. We employ only licensed drivers, and each ride is recorded in the system, so you can check the route and verify the fare at any time.

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